Using Engine with REKORD BUDDY 2.0

Hi Everyone. I believe DJ Laidback Luke mentioned that REKORD BUDDY 2.0 may be used with Engine to Transfer Cues from Serato to Engine. Has anyone used it yet???

Editorial: (Rekordbox users??? News for you further down…)

Hello. Engine Prime and Engine 1.5 both support this without the need for REKORD BUDDY. REKORD BUDDY can be used to move from other programs such as Traktor or Rekord box also.


But for those coming across from Rekordbox land, RekordBuddy will have direct a Rekordbox-to-Engine Prime route coming with their next release - apparently Laidback Luke got an early release of it to migrate from Pio.


Yes there will be dedicated settings to move all popular formats over :slight_smile: and sync in their update.


This is epic news! More and more people will have less reason to be stuck on old technology

What other popular formats are you talking about ? Possibly traktor?