Using “Continuous” play mode?

Anyone else having odd results when using continuous playback mode.

I keep trying to use it for background music playback.

I call up some search results, like maybe a whole compilation album, select and load the first song in the results, press play, press “continuous”

The player (non motor 5000) plays the selected song and (from memory) plays the next song too, then instead of playing the 3rd song on the album, it goes back to playing the first song.

What’s all that about ?

Anyone else have this behaviour?

Something like that happened to me once but I didn’t have time to think about it then - but it might have to do with how you’ve navigated to the compilation in question or how the album/comp is tagged because I’m atm listening to a full discography of one artist in the background via the sc5000 and all sounds good. Curious to hear the response.

i had that player was playing 3-4 tracks from album then stopped, after pressing play - another couple tracks. Random stop at end of track.

I don’t think there’s anything truly random with software etc but there’s certainly some undocumented behaviour going on with continuous play —— needs work or explanation , or both