Using both Booth output in XLR and Master output in CINCH for 2 pairs of active speakers


I would like to have some answers on the simultaneous use of the Master BOOTH output in XLR and the Master output in CINCH on Denon Prime 4.

Can I use the 2 outputs to connect 2 different pairs of active speakers or use the Master output in CINCH for 1 pair of active speakers and the Masgter BOOTH output to connect a sampler to record the output source?

Can you explain the use of the BOOTH master output?

Thank you Laurent

Booth and Master outs are two separately-controlled volume pots of the post-mix-bus signal. Booth can usually optionally have the mic in it or not. You can send them wherever you want – speakers, sampler, recorder, etc. The master volume pot also controls the master meter. You can use them in a cinch or when it’s chill, at the same time, or not. Don’t put the booth volume pot past its unity ‘zero’ as you’re at risk of clipping/distorting something and not knowing. If the master volume pot is not put exactly at its unity ‘zero’, you’re making the master meter inaccurate, among other things.

Master is Your main output for PA system - audio that goes to the audience. Booth is Your dj monitor system - speakers that are supposed to help You monitor what goes to master but they are directed to You, to overcome the feedback from the main speakers.

There is no difference between master out on XLR and on RCA except of different connection and unbalanced signal from RCA.

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