Using Auto Sync and some MP3 tracks wont load

DJMEMO(BG) Nov 08, 2015 1:04 pm

Hello friends and colleagues. Nearly eight years used Denon DNS 3000 (and many other devices), and recently have and try to use Denon SC 2900. I basically two issues which I want to share with you and hope for the quick and accurate answers for which I thank you advance.

My first problem is that regardless of the source of the music - flash memory, hard disk or audio CD, I do not understand why the pace of the songs can be synced to 100%. When pressed the button for automatic synchronization of BPM, tempo only aligns with the tempo of the song that plays in the air. Yet the songs definitely not constantly playing catch up and “run” on the pace and constantly have to ‘catch up’ and I think that this is an abnormal …

Second problem - I can not upload songs in MP3 format in “Enginе” by Denon Soft… I can not load any MP3 files. Is possible to upload wave format only? WHY? :

DJ_Boothe Nov 08, 2015 2:04 pm Re: Problem Auto BPM Synchronization and unpossible to load Auto sync, on software or hardware, doesn’t work 100%.

It isn’t the case that you can press Sync and then leave the decks for a coffee break, on any equipment or software. Stand will just bring the tempo “fairly close” to the playing track… So one track might be 123.15 BPM and the Sync might change the cue track to 123.1 BPM … After a while, the songs will drift apart.

MP3 track will be recognised and analysed by Engine, as long as they are sourced from good sources eg: ripped yourself from CD or bought from good places. Shared MP3s will usually cause problems