Using Ableton Live and Serato with Denon Prime 4 (Help routing audio to specific channel)

Hello All!

I’ve been using the Prime 4 with Serato DJ Pro because I love their implementation of stems. I’ve recently started trying Ableton Live and I’m trying to get the audio routed through my Denon Prime 4, which works but I am only able to get the Ableton audio through the master out of the Prime 4. Is there a way that I can route the audio from Ableton directly through a specific channel on the Prime 4?

In theory I would like to be able to use the cue headphone function for the channel so I can hear the audio before turning up the channel volume? Is this possible? Can I keep using Serato when doing this so I can utilize their stems?

You could try pushing Ableton Live though the line out and into the Prime 4 via a 3.5mm jack output to RCA input on channel 4.

That could work.

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@TheFoxPerson I’m curious as to how you’re managing to get audio from Live into the Prime 4 when you’re using the Prime 4 with Serato? On PC when using ASIO, the interface would normally only be available to one program.

Thank you I will try that :))