Using A Pioneer DDJ XP1 With Prime Set Up


I’m currently using a Pioneer set up (DJM900nxs2, XDJ1000’2, DDJ XP1) and this week after the news of having to subscribe to rekordbox to connect my pioneer set up to the software i’m looking to sell my set up and buy a X1850 and SC6000’s but the question i have is can the DDJ XP1 be used with the prime set up or is there a similar piece of equipment from another manufacturer that be used.

I mainly use it for playing samples for intros, outros and dj drops in my sets and would like some advice how i can play these with the prime set up if the DDJ XP1 can’t be used. I see the SC6000’s have performance pads but i cannot see if they can play samples.

If anyone can let me know id appreciate the advice



Hi Alastair

Welcome to the forum. :partying_face:

Sounds like a great idea, embracing the future and changing your rider :muscle:

Well to answer your question. You cant hook the SP1 up to the SC6000’s in standalone mode. (however, using it with Serato while the 6Ks are connected might be a option)

But using samples in standalone mode, you can simply create a track in Audacity with 8 soundeffects, drops, introes or what ever you would like, and then place 8 Hotcues (in Engine Prime) on to this track.

Then you simply load this track on to one of the unused layers, and voila, you got 8 samples ready to play. You can make a track with 8 drops, a track with 8 soundeffects and so on…

Hope this answers your question. :blush:

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Perfect, thanks for the advice, never thought just to use the hot cues, that solves the problem.

To be honest never got on with Serato which is why ive been using Rekordbox. No matter how many settings i changed in Serato when analysing my tunes the BPM’s were all wrong when analysing on most of them.When i knew a BPM in a tune would be around 140bpm, it would analyse and say it was like 80-90 BPM. At the time i was using free trials of both Serato and Rekordbox and as Rekordbox analysed everything correctly i went with that.

I plan to use Engine Prime when i get the Prime set up

Engine Prime in its current state do have some problems with the BPM algorithm - but the Denon crew says that there is something right around the corner, so… :star_struck:!

Once again, welcome :blush:

What’s up @DjJordyboy,

That new Rekordbox subscription structure upset a lot of DJs.

I’m assuming that you’re a Rekordbox user. Just so you’ll know, Denon’s Engine Prime software is for music management only (not DJing), however, The SC’s and x1850 will be compatible with Serato DJ Pro and you’ll be able to use the XP1/X1850/SC6000 combo with Serato. In fact, the SC’s have a built-in 2-port USB hub so you’ll be able to route the XP1’s through one of the SC’s, thus reducing the connections to your PC.

The SC’s do not have a sample feature. If you use the SC’s without a laptop, some DJs record all of their drops on to one track, load that track on to layer 2 of the SC, and trigger them via hot cues with the performace pads.

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Hi Mate,

Thanks for the advice mate, not really a fan of Serato but i’ll have a look at it.

Yes been a Rekordbox user with my current set up. With Engine Prime can you still connect the set up to a computer running engine prime to access all my tunes, like i currently do with Rekordbox?

or do you have to add all your tunes to a Hard Drive that i can instal into one of the SC6000’s?

Don’t know anything about engine prime so its all new to me

I’ll make up a track with all my dj drops with Hot Cue as both yourself and Engell suggested, didn’t even think about doing that


No, you can’t. Probably just as well, so that more of us are encouraged to use backups of drives so that whatever happens while we’re out gigging doesn’t leave us with no music backup safe at home.

Yes. But you don’t have to “install”. It can just be a loose usb hard drive

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Thanks, I’ve downloaded Serato to have a look and see how that works for me. If i get on with it this time i’ll use that on the prime set up but will also get a hard drive to add to one of the players as well, good to have options incase the computer fails, i have though got into the habit of backing up my tunes so i always have a backup copy. Ive also downloaded Engine prime to get used to that ahead of buying the set up.

Been watching more and more videos about the prime set up on YouTube and one on the new X1850 said DVS works straight out of the box on it, i presume i still need to use Serato for DVS?

Still have my 1210’s so DVS has been something i’ve wanted to try for a while and even bought the DVS upgrade last month with control vinyl to start getting used that side of DJ ing. Finding out i’ve now got to subscribe and pay again for something i recently bought is a massive kick in the teeth considering i only just bought the 900NXS2 3 months ago as well and thats not supported in the free version of Rekordbox 6 :frowning:

Even though i have my Technics i am seriously considering getting the VL 12 turntables complete the prime setup and putting my 1210’s back into storage

What’s up @DjJordyboy,

The X1850 will require you to get a Serato DJ Pro license ($129/U.S. or $9.99/mo U.S.) and for DVS you will need to get DVS Expansion Pack for Serato ($99/U.S.). The good thing about Serato is that if one you buy it there will be no other costs…EVER.

In addition, you will have to purchase the DVS vinyl (same if you were using DVS with Rekordbox). HOWEVER (and a HUGE however) do NOT get rid of those 1210’s!!! Call me if you decide to make that mistake…errr… decision to sell them… :blush:

Never gonna sell my Technixs mate, if i do buy the Denon VL 12’s i’ll put my 1210’s back into their flight cases and put them into storage

Hopefully Engine prime develops into a software where we will eventually be able to use DVS

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