Using a DMX Interface (not SoundSwitch) with the Denon Prime 4

Hello everyone, I have a Prime 4 and yesterday, I connected a DMX interface to the RJ45 port and my interface was recognized, the question is: How do I create DMX devices and scenes?, do I have to do everything through soundswitch or is there another solution?. Thanks.

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Ow! Like this?? I have a generic DMX/USB interface, when I plug it into one of my players it doesn’t recognize it!

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I understand that Engine Lighting only works with official Soundswitch brand DMX interfaces.

Soundswitch App on desktop works with some third party DMX interfaces

If you have a supported non-Soundswitch DMX hardware then you have to use the desktop Soundswitch to set up and control light show.

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There are many DMX softwares out there that you could use, but SS is the only solution that gives you all the automated features. Everything else would be something you have to control via a laptop. Get the small dongle from SS with the free 3 months subscription. If you are looking for good integration with the Denon ecosytem SS is the only option and by far the best, if you want to be a DJ and not a LJ :smiley:

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I’ve heard people who’s gotten other brands of interface to work on the RJ45 with Prime hardware using ART-Net.

A search may pull some info.


Using the SS dongle is not a problem! The problem is that this dongle is hard to find! In the Brazilian market it will never appear, only buying on websites, but so far I have not found. Only in the hands of a few on ebay with exorbitant values!

Artnet works fine with third party devices. But you anyhow you have to use Soundswitch for preparation. There is no way around it. Reason: Engine Lighting is an embedded version of Soundswitch.

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