Use the database Engine from the USB stick

I have this problem: my main Engine collection resides on my Desktop PC along with the Engine DJ installation and it is in a different room than the DJ booth room. To use Soundswitch and Engine Light I have to be in the room where the DMX lights are, so I used an old Notebook in which I installed Soundswitch (but I didn’t install Engine DJ and neither did the collection).

With the Desktop PC, using Engine DJ, I created my USB stick with tracks, playlists, Engine database and it works perfectly on my Prime 4.

What I would like to do is use Soundswitch in the DJ booth room, to configure my lights and create the lighting programs, and I would also like to create custom scripts for each track. To do all this I would like to read the Engine database on my USB key (therefore not from the main collection), and use the key to create the scripts and associate the lighting programs to the various tracks.

I tried to insert the USB stick in the notebook, then by SoundSwitch I went to search for the Engine database, but it is not read by Soundswitch. Do you know any methods to do all this?

Maybe you need to install Engine DJ on the laptop as well.

It would be the simplest solution. But then I should also transfer all my library / collection from desktop to notebook and should keep them up to date. :smiley:

Instead I would like to use what I have exported to the USB stick. Maybe there is some solution to read that database. I hope so. :thinking:

I don’t think you need to transfer your tracks to laptop

Its so engine dj can create a database local

  • Install Engine DJ,

  • plug in your USB stick to laptop,

  • play a few tracks from the stick in Engine DJ

Exit Engine DJ

Fire Up SS Notebook

Maybe you meant to write “Fire Up SS notebook”?

Very interesting. If what you write is possible to do, then it could be a solution. I wanted to avoid having two collections on two different computers, but if I can import what I have on the USB stick then this might be valid. Tonight I’ll try and then I’ll say. :+1:

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I can confirm that this solution WORKS! Thanks @mufasa

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