Use rekordbox usb to play with Prime 2 Denong


I had a big problem this weekend… I was asked to play a set of 2 hours at my cousins birthdayparty, where the maindj that evening used a Denon Prime 2. I was sure that my rekordbox usbstick (which allways worked with Pioneer gear at home) should also work with the Prime 2 from Denon. I got my tracks in, but my playlists were gone with the wind. Now i want to make my usb compatible with the Denon prime and also future use with Pioneer gear, but I got a few problems. I’m on a macbook pro with osx 10.6.1 el capitan and when I want to use engine prime, my system won’t install the program, which is needed in my opinion to do the conversion from rekordbox i saw in a couple youtubemovies. I can’t do an update on my macbook, so now is my question: Can anybody tell me how to set up my rekordbox usbstick to use with the Denon Prime 2 without using Engine prime??? Thanks a lot in advance for some answers.

Hmmm how do you create your usb stick in rekordbox? I simply export my playlists to usb In rekordbox and they show up fine on prime devices.

Simply with sync manager…

I use sync manager as well… When you first plugged it in to the prime 2 did it ask if you wanted to import the library? There should have been a progress bar as it imported all the tracks.

Yes it did, but I could only search my collection by name artist, or name track… all my playlists that work in Pioneer/rekordbox I didn’t see!

Weird, maybe there was an older firmware on the prime 2 causing the issue? I’m not sure if that was ever a thing. This is what it looks like on mine with a rekordbox USB

put the usb in a computer, delete the “engine library” folder

plug it back into the prime 2, it should ask to import the rekordbox again.

thanks Mufasa, I will try this option this week and let you know…