USB to midi out expansion for standalone controllers?

i saw that the X1800 and X1850 mixers had a MIDI output for connecting to drum machines and things like that that dont have ableton link capabilities, i was wondering if it could be possible to make a usb to midi out expansion in the same way as the soundswitch dongle to for example connect a pioneer DJS 1000 and have the master tempo as well as the track’s current position, could be also used like the x1850’s output too

Do you mean something like this?

You ever checked out Missing Link? There is a new version out called Junior. I have two and they’re amazing.

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well damn, thats exactly what i meant ! Thankss

I use Link to MIDi. Well I used to. I’ve not tried it for a few years now. I used it with a few MIDI to USB converters pictures above.