USB rescan

Hello guys

A computer is connected to the X1800 with a USB cable. Everything works OK Anyway, is there a means to avoid rebooting the whole mixer when we forgot to startup the computer before the X1800.

Just a little thing…

Thank you in advance


Just reseat the cable.

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What do you mean : reset the cable. Removing the USB cable and reinserting won’t do the job . We’ve got the same message on Prime on the computer ‘hardware not connected’


Reseat the cable. So USB cable out and in indeed.

Normally, you won’t need to reboot the mixer or power on in a particular order.

Any specs on the computer system you use the Prime(s) with?

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THank you for your following, appreciate.

Anyway this is what I’ve done : unplug USB and then plug again. I made a few times at the computer side.

I’ll try at the mixer side, but I’m not sure it will change something My computer is just an old laptop (10 y.o.) with USB2 interfaces

If you connect the mixer after laptop has started what issues do you have.

It doesn’t appear to matter which sequence I connect the mixer.

It works either way here

I cannot stream music from the computer to the USB interface in the mixer. When I load X1800 Prime Control Panel, it says ‘Hardware not connected’

Could be the laptop or USB port chipset. Maybe try another port, otherwise I think we cannot do anything about this.

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What version of Windows is on the computer?

Whats the hardware specs? Intel or AMD CPU?

Diid you try installing thee drivers again?

Windows 10 Pro 20H2, This is an old hp 2530 laptop Core 2 Duo CPU. I’ll make a look at the drivers but not sure it will help Anyway I’ll try with my desktop computer to see if the behavior is the same I’m an IT engineer

Damn Bro. Core 2 Duo. Thats an OG laptop.

I’m surprised you can stream on it.

OBS is CPU intensive

Sorry for France’s loss at the Euros

You were right. Problem understood Younger computer with i5 CPU, and I never had to reboot the mixer.

Actually I’m Belgian living in south of France, they are still on the race ! Thank you

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The Red Devils are doing well indeed. :wink:

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