USB recording to laptop

Is it possible to connect my laptop to my SC live 4 and record my dj set using Audacity or any other software via USB?

Not via usb (I suspect the Amazon small print forbids it)

But you can’t stop audio output being recorded from a left and right audio output

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Just use a Behringer 202 of 222 to record from Rca to usb.


Why record to the computer? The SC Live can record to whatever storage device you have connected. There was no mention of Amazon or other streaming services, but obviously you’re not permitted to record whilst using those, for copyright reasons.

IMO people really shouldn’t be posting about ways to get around that.


@RickM did not say anything about amazon.

Yup. this works fine here. I have one of those.

Thanks Ben-E

I’m currently using an iRig Stream to do just that but I wanted to know if there was away to record via USB.