USB recording error since Engine DJ 2.x

Since installing Engine DJ 2.0 and subsequent updates, I now receive the following error when recording to USB…

’Recording error

Recording was stopped because drive speed is too slow to record. Please record to another drive’

I am using a Sandisk Ultra Fit 256GB which apparently has a write speed of ~70MB/s which was fine until I updated the OS. Recording lasts a few seconds before the error pops up. I use USB for recording only, track library is on a separate SD card, so it’s not read/write to the same source issue.

Anyone else seeing this?

Read this reply: Song loading issue - #3 by DrLastContaQt

I have Ultra fit and its too slow with big files.

While Sandisk are a good make, It seems that their “Ultra fit” range has very good sustained data rates

Thanks for the link. It does make sense. However my Ultra fit worked fine until they updated Engine to 2.0. Bit of a coincidence!

Try using USB in the back of the unit. In the front there is USB 2.0. USB 3.0 are in the back.

I have a Prime GO, so only a rear USB

So, to circle back and close this out, in case anyone else has the same problem and is reading this - I found a solution…

I wiped the Ultra Fit and went one level up on the security (2 out of 4) which took hours! I also formatted as FAT32 (was exFAT before). I then tested it and I didn’t get the immediate recording error I had before, so I looped the couple of tracks that were playing and left it recording…

3hrs 15 mins later, and the battery on 3%, it was still recording away merrily. I tested the file and it played back fine too.

So I’m not sure whether the extra level of security when formatting made the difference or changing from exFAT to FAT32, but it hopefully appears to have resolved the issue. :crossed_fingers:

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