Usb Outputs master levels

Can anyone clarify me what exactly does this function ,in my mind was that increasing this level ,the master outputs to the sound system wil be increased ,but i do that and the master outputs levels are the same…

USB Output Level

The USB Output Level can be adjusted from 0dB to +20dB at 2dB intervals. Changing the USB Output Level sets the Master level (channels 5/6) for both USB 1 and USB 2 outputs simultaneously. The default factory setting is 0dB.

To Adjust: Press and hold CH 2 CUE (PFL) button (above channel fader) and turn SELECT/LOADencoder on either deck. The current setting will be displayed in the Channel 2 meter. The specified settings for each illuminated LED is listed in the image below.

That will affect the Master usb out to the computer not the master out XLR.

check your recording level in serato or vdj

0 will be quieter than +20

I think thats it