USB is incompatible with engine OS devices

Hello, since the 13.0.1 (22A400) ventura update on my mac, I get a USB incompatibilities:

“My USB name” is incompatible with Engine OS devices Reformat the drive to exFAT or FAT32 to use

So I reboot my usb to exFAT and try also with FAT32, but the message pop again, and I can do nothing…

Please fix this one soon!

Thanks for your help.

but it has been said several times that engine is not yet compatible with Ventura, they say to wait to update, and every day at least two people come here with the same problem !!

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i just saw the other topic, can you delete mine? thanks !

Its about time Engine is compatible with Ventura!! How much longer do we have to wait!! Sick of being told we shouldn’t have upgraded to Ventura, just sort the problem out.


what awful service. Denon should be ahead of the curve on these things. luckily for me it’s a hobby and not a business, but still I’m unable to use my gear unless I roll back a Mac OS update. I wonder if pioneer have these issues?


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If it were for business, a normal person would not update blindly, would they?

Same goes for Windows, so cannot blame Apple either.

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They do, and so do many other software vendors, many of whom have asked people not to update for the time being.

don’t be a ridiculous corporate shill. It’s unacceptable for professionals. Apple supply BETA versions of OS way months before release so that software companies can get their act together. there is no reasonable excuses from Denon.


I’m a professional audio editor and I know to NEVER update to a new OS until I can verify compatibility with ALL the companies software that I use on the regular. Any professional would know that.

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Who me?

Yes and Microsoft does also, but other companies still don’t release supported applications or drivers on release.

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Yeahhhh, don’t be a corporate shill Reese, Jeez :roll_eyes:

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Pioneer had the same issue with ext. Mediums but they have fix it with the latest update since a few days.

We are waiting …:disappointed:

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