Usb flash drive giving error while recording


while recording i get the error that recording has stopped cause of slow transferring or something

i use the same flash drive where i play my music from? could that be the issue? do i have to buy another one?

@Chloe_DENONDJ or co workers?


If it says so, it is so. Don’t be cheap, buy quality USB 3.0 sticks with Speed read/write that is above 200MB/s. USB2.0 sticks are too slow.

Good call. Don’t run your Ferrari on moonshine

the stick i was talking about is 3.0 thats why i ask this question

I’ve seen “USB3” that do sub-USB2 speeds.

SanDisk Extreme Pro is the one type I use.

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It’s got to be a really good stick from a good make.

Even a cheap I usb stick can sprint from data in or out really fast for a really short time, but only a really good make can manage fast data transfer for a //// sustained //// amount of time.

Hah hah… depends on the quality of the moonshine. :slight_smile:

Check also the usb ports, not all support usb3