USB Drive Compatibility

Is there a general compatibility list somewhere? I’m kinda surprised I didn’t run across anything similar on the forums.

I’ve got a sandisk ultra 64gb USB3 stick and a sandisk extreme pro USB3.1 128gb stick that both do not show up on my prime go. The latter has a light that turns on and blinks for a moment when plugged in, but just stays on after that. Tried FAT32 and exFAT, as well as loading files via engine prime vs just dropping some files on the device. No change.

I have a sandisk extreme pro SD card that works fine with a SD to USB adapter in the same port, so the port seems fine. The card is what I normally use via the SD slot in the front. Was a bit surprised that neither of my USB sticks worked. Maybe the device doesn’t get along with sandisk sticks? They’ve generally given me the least issues in the past.

What partition scheme did you use, MBR or GPT?

Try formatting it with a tool like Rufus that allows you to switch the partition scheme. I’ve had problems when using GPT in the past I think.

Yup, that seemed to be the problem. Not 100% sure what they were set as before, but explicitly formatting them with a MBR (or “MSDOS” depending on the utility) partition table sorted it. Both sticks work now.

Thank you!

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