USB connections and keyboard support

Maybe everyone was aware of this already, but I’ve discovered that you can use the SC5000 as a USB hub: one computer connected to the deck is able to see the rest of the devices connected to the decks (such as HD drives).

Also, i’ve tried connecting the WiFi dongle of a wireless keyboard and mouse set and it works on the SC5000. Mouse is useless, but keyboard may be handy for searching tracks.

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And it’s only $1880 more than a real powered usb hub , bargain

Hmm @ Jetsound - maybe not as much of a bargain as you imagine. It’s only $60 more than the “Digi AnywhereUSB AW-USB-14 USB Hub with Ethernet” which retails for 1821.00, except I don’t think the Digi Anywhere supports onboard analysis of digital files or is as responsive for scratching (I read). @garrapeta - I’ve tinkered with a lot of various USB things and the Denon but I hadn’t thought to use the keyboard. Thanks! m+

I didn’t know we could plug in a keyboard. That blows my mind.

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Yes, we were aware of this. When you started typing the post forum showed you older threads where you could see that, like this one: Can you use a USB Keyboard? External keyboard, dual layers, even the internal drive on the new Prime4 console are the things ressurected from the old HS5500 player.

Hey @discobot is there a tag to distinguish between the so-called ‘royal we’ and the use of "we’ that denotes a general group (eg. a online forum for learning about new pieces of electronic gear)? Just wondering.

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Interesting. Can both the SC5000 and the computer access and change the data on the drives, or is it a matter of the SC5000 being off and its internal hub receiving power by the computer USB?

The sc5000 needs to be switched on, and then it seems to working as a normal hub. Both devices can access and write to the drive.

Indeed, I’m connecting the HD with my Serato library and the Prime library into the SC5000 and the SC5000 into the computer. That way I can use both Serato and standalone prime using the same HD without the need of unplugging it from one machine and plug it to another other.


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Looks a little bit limited, like Engine.

Might be a workaround for the current lack of offloading of tracks over the ethernet. Can you just plug an empty SD card or flash drive into a player, drag tracks from the computer into the drive, and they show up on the player instantly?

Ummm, That would be an interesting work around. I’ll give it a try after work today! Unless someone reports back first…

They don’t seem to show up in Windows 7, but that’s also a problem with the firmware updating utility, too.

No, no, no - I think you are getting it wrong… If you drag from the computer to the a drive inserted in the prime, it would not appear in the deck as it’s not in the Engine library yet. You still need to add it to Engine.

Moreover, the computer will only see the drive when the deck it’s in “connected to the computer” mode (like when controlling Serato). If you are running the deck in standalone the computer won’t see the drive.

The only advantage is that you won’t need to unplug the drive from one machine and plug it back into the other - that’s all.

I wish they’ll implement a direct link over Ethernet soon.

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I believe it only works when the SC5000 is in Controller Mode. You can also daisy chain your SC5000s this way. See Can the SC5000 Prime be used as a USB Hub in Controller mode?.

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