USB appearing as NO NAME (USB) in Source ... despite in fact having a name

64 GB Sandisk formatted FAT 32 Engine Prime beta 1.6 (i think it did this in 1.5 also) working ok in all other aspects . Not the end of world but annoying. Any ideas?

You’ve posted under the Prime Go category but then you mention Engine Prime, so does the device show “no name” in the Go or in Engine Prime (or both)?

What is the name? Maybe it’s an issue with certain characters.

Have a similar problem. Have an SD-Card named „KAYA“ but the Prime Go shows Something like no name.

When I connect the card to engine prime it shows the name KAYA.

I refer to the Hardware Prime GO Running Engine Prime OS 1.6. The Laptop Software identifies the USB thumb drive correctly as being named “GO” and - unlike Lukas -We 's case ---- both correctly identify an SD card similarly labelled “GO”