USB 1 & 2 firmware 1.5

Hello everyone, I still wanted to express myself on the denon dj x1850 mixer and its usb problem. Indeed in my previous post you can see that the use of two usb ports at the same time on two different pc is impossible while using port 1 → pc 1 works port 2 → pc 2 works port 2 → pc 1 works and port 2 pc 2 → works. I hope that the denon dj x1850 mixer does not collect a duplication of the usb port 1 & 2 which could possibly explain why they do not work on two machines at the same time because a driver error would lead to a conflict which could generate a incorrect firmware update. So much for the product and what I just checked again. Hoping to see you again with new firmware and wishing you a very happy new year 2022.

Hey @Zibulksko Sorry to hear you’re still having some issues. If you’d like for me to connect you with a technical support team member, feel free to DM me.