Still waiting the upgrade for PRIME 4 with the new OS features. Engine Prime 1.5 was updated 3 weeks ago…

Yes, still waiting :blush: :slightly_frowning_face:

There’s never been any link between release dates before. So, historically there’s no precedent to suggest that the release of firmware for one model or Engine software somehow “automatically” triggers the release of other firmware several weeks, months, or years later.

It’s a general Denon thing. It just gets here when it gets here. No guesses, no hints, no trailers

No hope :joy:


Ah modesty ok

I translated the word denon with google! I get the word snails! I have no more words, we have been waiting for an update for 6 months now! they are outrageous!


In Italy many people are switching to Pioneer controllers because Rekordbox 6 is really amazing. I hope Denon’s Engine and all their workstation like the Prime 4 will upgrade soon with an improved graphic solution for the horizontal view and a more powerful software that includes smart crates opportunities and other more features like other software (serato, traktor, Rekordbox).

Having lots of choices is a good thing. Whatever product the DJ chooses must reflect his abilities and what he/she feels more confortable with. I love the Prime 4 hardware. Engine Prime, on the other hand, is still years behind, but it has been steadily improved. It is not fast, but neither the other softwares arrived where they are now overnight.

On a side note, both VirtualDJ 2021 and DJayPro with AI were updated today, and both now support the ability to separate audio components from your music, much like what NativeInstruments STEM files have allowed for some years, but the twist is that the afore mentioned products now let you do that on the fly, with your music. Of course it took them a lot of years, hard work and creativity to come out with such amazing features. It will sure take time, but Engine Prime will eventually catch up.

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And The resulting sounds is similar to a 64kbps mp3 especiLly if you split it more ways than just vocals and instrumental. It’s clever programming but it won’t leave home

Sick and tired of everyone clamouring for updates to the Prime 4 OS, the hardware works great already as it is. Or is it the ability to pre-listen to tracks? Whatever happened to cue in your headphones that still gets the job done TBH Y’all should chill pleaseeee

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No actually it sounds pretty impressive. Certainly one of the best implementations of the kind that I’ve heard. Of course not all tracks give good results, and it needs good clean data to start with, so your old Napster downloads won’t work well :rofl:

Yes but Virtual Dj is stil a big toy… With amazing features… but toy Try djing with it an entire session :slightly_frowning_face:.

Try thinking beyond yourself for a minute. Ever thought, maybe it’s because we wait anywhere from 6months to a year, holding thumbs for the a feature request we really want. Only to find out that it wasn’t implemented. Then we are all down, but then the good ol’ Denon mod tries to cheer you up & says maybe next time… there’s still a chance. But then we gotta wait another 6 months to a year hoping & praying. And the cycle repeats!! Then we become impatient. It doesn’t matter what the request is for. Each one is important to someone. If you’re all happy, why even respond to this post?

That’s the love problem. With the free software for pc , Spleeeeeter you can choose to divide a track in 2 3 4 or 5 different tracks, so drums, vocals, piano, , accompaniment , etc. Dividing things two ways, just vocals and “everything else” sounds ok ti a degree on a lot of tracks but but splits of 3 ways sound rougher and splits of 4 or 5 ways sound really twangy and over-processed

You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.

It’s probably the most advanced DJ software on the planet. All functions are built in (no addon purchases like Serato or Rekordbox), the GUI can be changed to users preference (can’t do that with Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox DJ), it supports much more hardware than any other DJ program, and most of all the scripting language is crazy powerful.

I have Serato, Traktor and Rekordbox DJ too - but my goto choice is VDJ.


I don’t agree that VDJ is a toy. I think that perception was mainly down to the samples that come with it and the hideous default skin in previous versions (and also some of the community skins).

VDJ has matured a lot over the last few years in look and feel and is as good as, if not better than other DJ software.

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How many Dj equipments have provided more updates with new feature after their initial release? In my 10years of moving through various controllers i can comfortably say Denon has done a fantastic job already. Even industry standards like DjM nxs are stuck with the default programme and we still appreciate them as festival/concart standard. So ain’t nothing wrong waiting a few months for upgrade just a few years back we actually had to buy new gear to get new features like I did back then to get serato pnt


How sad to use a standalone console like the Prime 4, as a simple (and less expensive) midi console connected to a PC for using VDJ :frowning_face: :disappointed_relieved: :cry:

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Use vinyls! Your point of view is totally different from the vision of a digital dj. FIRST: functionality.

How sad that some people have such limited vision.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I bought the Prime 4 as a standalone device. The fact that it now works with VDJ (and Serato) is just a bonus - not the reason it was purchased.