Updating the firmware without a PC connected?


Post Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:24 pm

Just bought a pair of 3900’s and about the 4th tune i’ve played behaves really strangely, it plays to the end, then jumps back a little way into the tune and slows up gradually to a stop, this leaves the machine locked up with nothing able to function - so it’s a power down to get out of it. Are there always going to be rogue files that can cause this to happen or should my decks be updated with software/firmware whatever as they are straight out of the box this week?

I’m playing the mp3 from a USB stick and it happens in both vinyl mode and standard play mode



Post Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:56 pm

Never assume that any of your gear is “Up To Date” unless you know for sure. I just got a New DN-X1700 Mixer which has been out for 4 years or so, and that needed to be updated. Go through your settings on your decks and check for yourself. The latest Firmware is Version 1100 for the Decks. The issue you are having was a common issue before the update, that would lead me to believe they are not up to date. Also make sure you Update Engine Software as well. Ver. 1.10.

That should fix your problems. :wink:


Post Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:13 am Re: machine locks up when playing a file And if it did need updating and you still have this issue afterwords, please try a different brand/model of thumbdrive.


thanks for that, the decks aren’t convenient to shift over to the pc as they haven’t been connected to it once since i’ve had them. Am I right in hoping that I’d be able to address the firmware with an i-pad or has it got to be a pc, i’m guessing it’s got to be a pc (or mac)?

thanks. sean


Post Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:24 am Re: machine locks up when playing a file The update can be loaded via a pen/thumb drive.

So I am guessing that there will not be any new updated firmware for the SC3900s?