"Updating" on 2nd SC6000 is slow?

I have an 1TB internal SSD on Player 1 (sc6000). It’s linked to the other via the ethernet hub on the back of the X1850 mixer.

The library on Player 1 is somewhat large. ~500GB, 36k tracks total.

I noticed that the playlist on Player 2 says “Updating” when I start it up and it takes up to 4 minutes before I can see the playlist.

Is the DB too large at this point?


can you tell us which SSD exactly you are using and how old it is?

WD Blue 1TB. Something around 1.5 years old.

My mistake. I thought 1.5y. It’s actually 2 years. SMART diagnosis on the drive is OK.

I had the same problem with a Samsung SSD from the first generation. I mean to have read that it should necessarily be a SSD of the newer generations! That seems to be given with yours…

Maybe one of the pros has some advice…

Mine does the same thing. Really taking a while now and did not use to be that way, when I first got the SC6000.

I did a little more testing. The other deck i assume has to download the entire database and copy it locally. File transfers out of the player seem to max out around 10MB/second. My full m.db file is 761MB so it takes around 1.5 minutes.