"updating" keeps appearing on the screen

HI fellow prime 4 users and denon if your looking at this post. I’ve had my prime 4 since the very first week of release in the uk, and i love it on the whole. But since the 2.0 i’m getting a bit fed up with the word “updating” appearing on the screen on every folder and track i select.

Now i know this used to happen on previous builds, but it didn’t happen for as long, and it also didn’t reapper if you went back to the same folder/track again. now it happens every time regardless of where you navigate. Id rather there just be a slight pause or a little whirly thing like on your laptop, rather than this glaring “update” staring at you every time.

I’m using an ssd too, so i dont think its a slow hard drive. Any one else find it annoying? or just me.

Yes I’m experiencing the same and only using a SD card, it seems the “updating” in folders is happening a lot more now, this release was to make everything faster, I disagree. It seems slower in some instances.

It was supposed to analyse tracks faster too but it seems the same so far so apart from ableton link and lighting features, the actual normal use cases for DJing seem to have more issues than before especially with the waveforms not running in line. I do use my ear for music but so distracting when you have a screen in front of you telling you your mix is off.

I wasn’t much of a moaner and was firmly quiet about issues in the past as I got the main job done but now it’s getting a little silly that they would release an update that’s broken some of the previous things and no real comment from Denon DJ as a whole to confirm the number of bugs and timelines in fixing.

Also why not test the update for a month or so before releasing! I did not pay 1600+ for buggy updates.

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I couldn’t agree more with your analysis of the update. I too have spent 2 years keeping quiet and adjusting things to my own needs. I put a request in when i first got my p4 about being able to search within a folder and not the whole drive. This still isnt an option, but now ive got the ability to control some pretty naff phillips hue lighting from the p4, who really needs that?

Don’t get me wrong the new interface is an improvement, as are some other things. But i feel several of the updates are not really on point with what users of the p4 really want.


You didn’t pay anything for updates. No-one did.

I’d love it if Microsoft or Apple, or pretty much any other corporate entity, dealing with anything advanced, could release what they intended… bug free. But I doubt that’ll ever happen on anything more advanced than a 2 slice toaster

I know I didn’t pay for updates, I paid for a stable working device in the hope that future updates would make the device better and not have these frustrating issues where certain things were working fine and now with the update they are not. Like I said I’m a genuine Denon fan and always have been, have a P4 and GO but this never ending software saga is now getting annoying. Come on nitebeatz I know you don’t like saying anything negative ever but surely you agree with some of what I’m saying.

Maybe not jumping on the update the moment it’s released is an idea to consider.

We could all have windows 11 by now. But who did? And how did that turn out for them.

I agree that maybe I should have waited and will next time, I’m still fairly new to the newer range of Denon players and thought that these updates were tried and tested before release.

However we should still feel comfortable with voicing our concerns on here as Denon customers. When things are done right I’m the first to applaud :clap:t3: but at the same time when things don’t, feedback should be given.

Thank you guys! You’ve brought a very important issue to our attention.

The team are having a look through this TODAY!

Kind regards,


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Any news on this jake. Its still happening on rev 2.1.1. On bigger library’s it getting silly to the point of unusable for rapid fire mixing unless you pre program it all first