Updating internal HDD in Prime 2 using laptop

Getting stuck at calculating (only exporting one playlist with a couple hundred tracks), HDD is Crucial SSD 1tb using Engine 1.5 which doesn’t show the size in sync manager.

What format is the SSD - needs Fat or ExFat

FAT32, it finally worked after multiple tries, very slow transfer though.

What brand is Your SD card?

What SD card? He didn’t mention an SD card…

@Aramaki I was just wondering if you’re using the blue Denon USB 3 cable, and if your computer has USB 3 ports (often they’re mixed).

Using USB 3 cable but my lappy is old, no USB 3 ports lol.

Ah well then, if you want speed - it’s time for a new laptop :grinning:

I would change to ExFAT immediately while you have the chance.

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