Update recordbox library not work

I did export xml file i do update library find the xml click it start to move in the right but when it finish there is nothing its not get anything from the file Like i didnt do anything I use the engine prime 1.3.4

Please tell me what to do i want crates subcates collection from the recordbox i had

Hi @Djroy1 - Have you followed the instructions from this video?

Convert Rekordbox to Engine Prime

Its not working i did the same like in video He didnt start to put all the crates playlist i did in recordbox nothing

Maybe the xml like 500 mb like half of giga subcates playlist i think its crash in middle after he start in yhe right to extract its not ectract nothing after i click update recordbox collection Nothing!

A follow up too the upgrade of Rekordbox 6.0. That will not work with Engine Prime right? They change the whole database structure and you don’t have a XML-file anymore. Is this you are looking into?

No i have 5.8.0 recordbox its not update the recordbox library in engine prime

There is an issue with expert XML in rekordbox versions > 5.6.0

So what to do which rexordbox to do the xml format i have 5.8.0

The bug is about importing XML into rekordbox after 5.6.0 :wink:

So to use 5.6.0?

Your problem is unrelated to the rekordbox version as the bug is only affecting the import of XML in rekordbox. Exporting (like in your case) is not affected.

Maybe you should start off with a fresh Engine collection and try the import again.

Are you on Mac or Windows?

I use mac Kevin

I don’t blame you for mixing those up JonnyXDA, but that is not correct, the export to XML is fine until version 6, which lacks it. Versions > 5.6.0 have an import XML bug

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are you aware there are alternatives to Engine Prime to convert from Rekordbox and they will work very well in your situation :slight_smile:

I have your soft its not work good i try paid

I’ve send you a private message for your contact info. I don’t have your name on file as a registered user. I’ll be happy to help you out and get you going.

I have a lot of collections its not get all the collections yiu know the crates and if yes not all the music i put there its like crash