Upcoming update may 2018

So i dont want to nag but last month we got told there would come an update ‘soon’… So whats soon? Or a while? Maybe my english isnt up to par what ever. Wedding and festival season is well on its way. Just saying. There are definitly some things that need no be adressen soon wich are promise for over a year now. Just basic reliability stuff and play list handeling sorting scanning and consistent check and repair on the Library. I do apriciate the time you take for bèta testing and stuff but it is getting a bit quiet at the support side… I aint mad at cha, got nothing but love but things need to be adressed. Sooner. Thanks!


Hi Rao.dj, thank you for your patience, as to all who are waiting. I could type here, “coming soon”, but that would rather just tell you the better news that a wonderfully full- featured fw update is very much around the corner. June should be a great month for all loyal Denon DJ Prime DJs. For you, and all, thank you so much for your continued patience, support and loyalty. Best regards Paul


“Full-featured” sounds good :slight_smile: , but the part where you say “Denon DJ Prime DJs” worries me a little.

Maybe you did not mean it that way, but about those DJs that really want to become Prime DJs, but still can’t because some basic features are missing? Can we expect an update to Enigine Prime around the same time to deal with some barriers so MCX8K can be added to the Prime series? And can we finally expect some form of communication from the players to any other software than Serato (MIDI would be a first step) ?

Any news 'around the corner` about the upcoming updates for the prime software and firmware?

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Would this be June 2018 or 2019? We are now half way through the month already.

It is finally here!!!

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