Unwanted reading of subfolders

Hello, ok i didn’t find a topic on my exact problem so I created one. I have much folders like for example In the folder “80/English” i have 1200 diferents tracks …and in the same folder (80/English) i have “80/English/Blondie best of” or “80/English/Black Wonderful life” (for store 80’s album’s …) :kissing_closed_eyes:

Everything was fine with an external disk and since yesterday also with the internal disk that I added inside my PRIME 4. But today I tested the network cable for “adding” files (as explained on you tube) and now it’s a disaster, all the album folders are mixed with the (1200) titles of the root! I hope I made myself understood correctly… I don’t understand why now he reads the subfolders whereas before he didn’t read them and that suited me just fine! Thanks for your help. :wink: :expressionless:

This is another example (see your thread of a couple of days ago) why your “alternative” way of doing things and trying to do things in a really odd and nichê way is causing you issues.

You’re trying again and again to swim against the tide which the majority are enjoying to the max, by going with the flow.

Forget folders and subfolders - get the tagging sorted

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Not everyone.

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Hello Pacha, sometimes it’s difficult to change your philosophy, especially when you’ve had it for a long time… Especially when you don’t understand the new one… My subfolders were not read (I use the playlists in the PRIME 4 not the folders if that’s what you are referring to) It was not mixed before I used the network cable to test adding tracks (and it works very well it must be said) I am now…losted… I cannot work with all folders (so mixed playlists…) I wonder if the database is not corrupted why did this happen to me…?? I have 64,000 tracks not 200…