Unit acting differently in different locations?

Hi All, Something v odd. I have had the unit about 3 days. Used it at home, no issues. I went to play a gig in town and the platters sensitivity when v bad, i had a panic but found out how to change the setting for that. Now I am back home and turned the settings back to how it was before and it fine, FYI the problem only happened at the venue when i had the XLR plugged in, when i unplugged the XLRs the sensitivity went good again.

The buildings electric earth (similar to Neutral, live and earth) May be poor at that building / club.

Worse thing could be that the xlr lead you have be given could passing up bad actual volts up the cable from some faulty other equipment.

I agree with Largo. The platters use Capacitance for the touch sensing. So i would say there is something bad going on with the audio setup at that site and some kind of electrical feedback is coming back up the XLR connector. Then affecting the ground plane on the mc7000.

Only way to test for sure, its to test with a multimeter. Personally i would take it up with the venue and they need to get a sparky in to check things over.