Unexpected power cut

Hi all so last night I was doing a function and accidentally knocked the power supply switch my denon prime 2 was plugged into! I know and I panicked thinking now the database is going to be currupt and Iโ€™m goosed :confused: funnily enough on the screen it said lower power just a couple of seconds after and shut down! I booted it back up and all worked perfectly. My question to all and denon is, is this a new safety feature and if so it saved my gig and well done :+1: in the meantime Iโ€™m changing that dam plug with the on off switch :joy:


Oh no! I did something similar when I first started streaming. My Prime 4 was sitting on an X stand and the power cable was dangling down and across the floor. As I went to get out from behind my Prime 4 my foot caught in the cable and pulled it clean out of the IEC socket on the back, live on stream. :astonished: :laughing:

Fairly sure the power loss warning + auto shut down has been there since launch of the Prime 2 and 4, presumably itโ€™s a hardware feature that requires some sort of internal battery or capacitor to allow the clean shut down when the power cable is removed

I remember testing it the day I got my Prime 4 because I was so excited it could handle temporary loss of power and also continue playing an entire track when the source USB drive was ejected suddenly

Neat feature eh!

Well if it is a feature Iโ€™m really impressed as I had the horrible thought my drive would say corrupt after the loss of power lol.

These things happen and great to see denon have thought about this. Saved my bacon a couple of times now :blush:

Earlier this year I played a corporate event where I and another vendor shared a power supply. The vendor accidently unplugged me when he was packing up, causing my equipment to power down and hard drive/networked equipment to disconnect. Needless to say it took several minutes for everything to be restored.

Because if this, I now carry an APC battery backup that I plug my rig into (about $70 U.S.). The battery provides me more than enough time to plug back into power and greatly minimize the chance of my set being interrupted by unintentional power failure.

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