“Undo” command

Please can we have an “undo” or “step back” command for working with the Engine Library. I find it very frustrating that if I accidentally delete a playlist rather than a particular track by mistake that I cannot simply “undo” last action . This is a common feature in most software . With Engine , if i make an error like this i have to end the editing session, restore library to previous back-up , and start over again , which is of course extremely frustrating and time wasting . In a perfect world i would never press a wrong key , but in reality it can happen often, especially when working with long lists of libraries and tracks etc . Please , please , please can you program this for me and other users if it is not too difficult to provide , i’m sure other users would also appreciate this and am surprised no-one else has suggested this already . Many thanks. Oliver


I think there’s already a request for a “Are you sure? Yes / no ?” Dialogue box to be popped on screen whenever something “critical” is commanded by the user.

You could add a vote for that functionality.


“Are you sure? Yes/No?” is a step in the right direction, but might also get bothersome. Undo would be fantastic.

When setting the beat grid for old disco, e.g., if you accidentally hit Reset a lot of work can get wiped out. I’ve occasionally removed the wrong anchor. If it’s not the last one, you can’t put it back without going to the end and removing the others after it.

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an undo button will be helpful in our daily work, and most software has this function.

Imo you are not the first in this forum asking for it, so pls. be so kind as to have a look here or search for “undo”:




and so on, furthermore pls feel free, as to create a feature request. You can arrest most attention with a feature request.

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