Undetected SSD

Hello there !

I have bought two SC6000M and want to put an SSD drive inside one of them.

The drive is a brand new 2To ssd from WD (WD Blue 2TB 3D NAND SATA SSD) formatted in exFAT, with an unique MBR partition. The drive fails to be recognized by any of the units, both inside with the SATA connection, or with a USB to SATA adapter. I could read and write in Computer Mode through the unit.

The Akai Pro Force could read and write to that SSD.

Any clue, am I missing something ?

Cheers, Quilrosaeh

see if this helps. watch from 4 minutes

Unfortunately, except that the officially supported by Denon is 1 TB instead of 2 (this doesn’t seems to appear on the user guide by the way nor the technical specifications), no.

The SSD is recognized with no warnings by Engine Prime software, I have a few albums on the collection on that disk.

I’m also not on a mac OS, but I have tried converting from MBR to GPT, and vice versa.Set the partition as active, but no luck so far.

By the way, i’m on firmware 1.6.0.

I have a Crucial MX500 2TB in my SC6000 without Problems. (Mac)


I too don’t think this has anything to do with the size of the drive. There must be something you are overlooking and I am not thinking of.

Forget everything you have done and start fresh if possible. Doesn’t matter that you are not on a Mac; just do the same things on windows.

Perhaps you will get some more help here soon.

I am not a windows guy anymore but are you able to format the drive from command line and then try it in the USB port?

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Ok, i have finally made it, but in FAT32 not exFAT… Maybe I will try again for another drive. Thank you for your help by the way.

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For a drive that size, Fat32 may cause you database issues down the line.

How are you formatting is disk utility

Are you formatting the drive name or the volume?

Ok, i retried in exFAT, and this time it seems to have gone well. Same as usal, with the windows disk utility. But this time, after having formating to FAT32 first, i was able to have no unallocated space. Don’t know exactly why, but it works.

Thank you all

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