Unanalyzed tracks keep showing up in the collection

There are 2 issues: 1. I have around 4 to 5,000 samples on my hard drive in a separate category from my music files. They were only on the drive on my PC but have now been added to the external drive that I have my music files on. I never analyzed any of the samples but they are now showing up in my collection of tracks.

2nd. When you analyze a track you have an option to add the track to your collection but the software adds the track to the collection automatically.

Is there an option to remove let’s say 5,000 tracks from my music collection in a batch delete or is the only option to do it one at a time?




A batch process to delete things in your collection is always possible. The Main goal is to mark serveral tunes and delete them at once.

You could do that by simply filtering on like the sourcepath / folder structure and add these files to a playlist. If you are done, go into the playlist, mark all and delete them at once

Regarding engine dj add tune to the collection… Iam not sure how the workflow really looks like… so this must answer someone else

None of the tracks are in playlist, I didn’t add them to the collection they just showed up there. If the only option to batch delete is to put the 5,000+tracks in a playlist one at a time that’s no better than to delete them one at a time.

thanks for the response

I did a big cleaning, I’ll explain how: you order to be able to select all the tracks you want to delete, you put the field for example “album” the name of “delete”, then you go to Windows Explorer in my case, and look for all the ones that put “delete” and you delete them or change their place and that’s it, then when they appear in red in your collection, you delete them from the collection

Thanks, but there’s still the issue of why unanalyzed track are being added to the collection. After looking closer it’s even added every windows sound file

The new feathers that get added to Engine are nice I wish the team working on the program would work on making it more stable and to clear up the many bugs. They keep adding to a program that’s falling apart.

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The truth is that I don’t have any problem with Engine, everything works fine, it is possible that you have some automatic option to add songs to the collection activated, for example I have the autoanalysis turned off, and when I add songs I right click add to the collection, and then analyze the songs.

I analyze each track one at a time, and add them to the collection one at a time. It seams that I’m the only person that ever issues with Denon, customer support, InMusic, software… I appreciate your input but I find most here just don’t ever have problems or it’s just something I’ve done or I’m being unreasonable. I’m stuck with this thing and I just want things to work.

I don’t make changes to files, file location. I want to delete the Engine software and reinstall but it has already lost my entire collection twice. Yes I have the library backed up on an external drive, the internal drive, and part on a thumb drive. I don’t trust that it will reload the info.

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