Unable to update to 3.4.0 / Stuck on firmware update mode - Numark Mixstream Pro

I’m trying to install the Engine DJ v3.4.0 update on Numark Mixstream Pro but I don’t see a notification to update it in the About/Update Tab. I tried rebooting the firmware but it doesn’t move past the screen with a microchip (picture attached). Any insight into what might be going on? I tried to update wirelessly and using a USB but neither of them worked. I factory reset the device before posting this.


Don’t know what is going on but the usual way of resolving that problem is to do it with your computer connected, you may need to force it into update mode using a key combination I can’t recall.

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Came across this article which says [Cue] + [Saved Loop] + [Auto Loop] buttons. I’ll try it out.

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Yeah those instructions look good, try that and let us know how it works.

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Make sure not to have any USB/SD media drives plugged in. The exception would be option 2 or three in those instuctions where an installer source is plugged in via USB. At least, I had an issue with previous updates that resolved by unplugging the media.

I was able to update it using the installer application (connecting my controller to the laptop), didn’t need to press any additional buttons. Thanks!


Awesome, a quick solution is always best :+1:t3:

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You won’t have seen a notification via the ‘About, Update’ screen just yet. They roll that out around a day or so later than the USB update.

USB/cable for immediate update. A little wait for over-the-air.

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Yeah same here, I was trying to update to 3.4 but it won’t offer it to me, I guess I need to wait a couple of days to come around to my mixstream pro

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You can do it manually so no need to wait too long.

Just download the USB updater from the link in the announcement, place it on a clean USB go to the About screen and select the firmware update mode there.

You’ll have the new version in a few minutes.

Its on my Prime 2 now and ive updated directly on device.

Maybe its only availible for the Go Version ?!

That’s pretty quick. It’s usually a day or two.

Glad it’s a faster turnaround now.

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Hey Stu, just for clarification, what do you have on your Prime 2? I have updated my Prime 4 but it does not have Bluetooth (of course as it’s not compatible). Probably just the couple of fixes!

For info just updated my MSP (after fiddling about on and off this morning), only because never had to use laptop or usb before. Forum was helpful in directing me to the relevant info. Tried it out and works fine. Seems to be a bit temperamental (some tracks can use transport functions others not), but fine otherwise. I suppose the expectation was greater than the reality as most dj’s got around this for years by connecting phone/ipad to a spare channel. I personally use a Denon Bluetooth unit (dn-br200) connected to my denon units and XZ. Works fine.

I finally was able to update my Numark Mixstream Pro V3.4 using a flash drive loading it from the Engine DJ website just follow the instructions correctly and you’ll get it, instead of waiting for days… V3.4 is compatible with the Mixstream Pro, not just the Go…

No noticeable changes on this release on the Prime 2, so I’m guessing just some general bug fixes etc. not had a real good go with it yet to see if there are any issues, but I’ll be doing that today.

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