Unable to run Engine Prime Since Version 1.1.1

Are there plans to fix Engine Prime’s issue with the Windows My Music folder location?

This has been an issue for me since version 1.2.

I posted the issue a few months ago. But no one responded.

I use the My Music folder in Windows (although I do have it directing to a folder an an external drive) without issue. What is going on in your scenario?

I’m not so sure now lol!

At first any version of EP 1.2 or higher would not run on my PC. This is a Windows 10 machine and I have 2 drives installed, one for the operating system (C:), and another for music, downloads, and documents (D:).

EP 1.2.x would not run for me with the “Music” system folder moved to the D drive, but when I put the Music System Folder back in the default location, EP would run fine.

I tried again today by installing EP 1.2.2 and it still would not run. I then moved the music files to a temp folder and restored the default location of the Music System folder and EP ran without issue. I then moved the Music System folder back to the D drive and for now EP is still running.

So I’m not sure but we’ll see if it continues to run.

Are you still having this issue? Try messing around with the Microsoft C++ Redistributable updates. Can’t confirm this will work, but try deleting the outdated ones and installing the latest versions. I had an issue with Engine Prime not working at all on my Windows laptop, but after a complete clean and reinstall it worked fine, and it also didn’t install as many of the C++ Redistributable updates.

Hello Jeff. Yeah so far still running. I havent added any files yet though. Im going to use an external drive for the master database so we’ll see.

When i first started having the issue, i tried everything including messing around with the c++ redistributions to no avail.

I’ll keep you posted on any further issues I encounter.