Unable to rename crates

More crate management issues. I am not unable to rename crates. I change the name, wait on it to process (takes about 30 seconds), and the crate’s name does not change. Is there a limit on how many crates you can have?

My total collection size is 32,478 tracks. I have them organized into 342 separate crates/subcrates.

You can have 500 crates with maximum 7 subcrates, maximum 512 playlists and no more than 100.000 songs.


Like 7 SUb Crates per Crate? Or 7 Sub Crates per Sub Crate and per Crate?

You can have 500 crates, each containing up to 7 subcrate layers.

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Thats probably the issue.

My DNB crate alone contains 27 Subcrates (one for each year). Each of those contains 20 subcrates (one for each sub genre).

Is the same restriction applied to playlists?

Pay attention to your database files when you update your library on the USB storage device. From time to time verify the size of the p.db file to keep it under 4GB (FAT32 system limitation). If this file comes close to 4GB size your new added tracks waveforms will no longer be written in this file.

I am not referring to export. This is the main database.

Has Denon Verified this? I see no where where Denon DJ makes a Formal Statement on Collection Size, Crate Size (or Max number of Crates or Sub Crates) or Playlist Size or Number of Sub Playlists.

It is the FAT32 file system limitation for maximum file size (4GB), my friend. Denon doesn’t have to say it itself because it assumes that everyone working with computers and storage devices have the knowledge required to use these devices accordingly. As for the creates and playlist you can read the recommendations in the Engine software user guide.

I’ve been using a computer for many years (mac user) & I only recently found out about this 4gb limit. The phrase “assumption is the mother of all mess ups” comes to mind. With Denon well aware of this limit, wouldn’t it makes sense for them to take precaution & maybe split the p.db into 2 files or something similar, rather than letting their users find this out the hard way?

The situation is like this. As long as you work on your Engine Prime database on the computer you won’t have problems with database file size. The issue occurs when you have to export your database on a removable storage device, because you have to format it to FAT32 filesystem and thus you’re dealing with 4GB file size limit for any file present on the removable drive. If you think about it, there is logic in the way Denon imagined this, because, in my opinion, you don’t have to carry all your database on the removable drive, but prepare your music program, export it to the drive to use it in standalone mode, but do not forget that standalone mode is intended as a backup for controller mode with Serato. I know many of us like to use the equipment mainly in standalone mode, but this is our choice and not the intended purpose imagined by Denon. They state this purpose very clear in the MCX8000 description - advanced Serato controller with the ability to perform in standalone mode as a backup. Also, the Engine software was initially developed especially for MCX8000 and added support also for the former SC series media players. Whenever you read that you must use FAT32 filesystem on a removable drive, you have to be aware of the 4GB file size limitation, regardless of the equipment manufacturer.

Again, I am not referring to exporting. I am referring to working within Engine Prime on my laptop.