Unable to read M3U files

So I got tons of M3U playlist files produced in excellent application Virtual DJ which I want to use to create crates in Engine Prime. But I am not able to open M3U files. So what is wrong? Or what is the correct way to do it? Don’t tell me it’s not possible!! Thanks

When I recreated my VDJ playlists/folders in Engine Prime, what I did was use iTunes as a “translator”.

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Thank you for the workaround. It’s ridiculus though, prime cannot read M3U directly. It’s a joke. Luckily I use VDJ most of the time, with simpler gigs standalone, was the idea at least. I was hoping to not be depending on itunes, never liked it.

I agree it’s not ideal. EP does import from other DJ software too though, so if those programs (Rekordbox, Serato, Traktor) can use M3U files, then you could go via that route if you don’t like iTunes.

There’s probably a feature request for direct VDJ import. Add your vote by clicking the heart.