Unable to download Firmware update for the SC2900's

Hiya people im having issues with certain tracks on my usb drive that always freeze on my sc2900, once i try and load them it gets stuck on memo checking, i have had someone suggest it might be to do with the kind of storage memory i am using for my tracks but still couldnt figure it out, i have came to the conclusion that it could be that i need to update the Firmware of the turntables but on the denon updates website i am unable to download the firmware i need. The download link shows up and i click it but nothing downloads, the most i get is a brief loading icon in the corner of my screen with nothing that follows.

If anyone has any knowledge on my memo checking issue or a working link to the firmware i need it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: thanks

Maybe Your system is blocking the download…?

Hey @baaa - You may want to contact our technical support team via www.denondj.com/support .They’ll be able to help locate the issue.

Yeah you were right , used my windows pc and the download worked fine

Hey thanks for your response, i was able to update my firmware but that didnt resolve the issue i was having with tracks not working. i tried to make an appeal through the. support page but i cant confirm my proof of purchase? tried to submit the model code from my players but it didnt work, maybe becuase theyre older?

Hey @baaa - Good to hear you got one problem solved. In regards to your tracks freezing, it could be your usb drive. Have you tried playing the same tracks from another drive?