"unable to create a local storage"

Been using my PrimeGo for wedding ceremonies most every weekend, sometimes 2-3 times a week with no issues then, just now, while booting up it asked for wifi password at home which it should already know and while typing that in it blacked out/died/turned off… not calling it a crash since I didn’t have a chance to see battery life but it should have had at least an hour left in it.

So I plugged in the power, turned off, after 10min powered it up and received the following message.

“oh no! the unit was unable to create a local storage. please click the Restart button below to restart the player”

Clicking the Restart button doesn’t fix it, same message every time.

Running 2.3.1 and that was installed when 2.3.1 came out, not recently.

Typed all the above, did more research then decided to update to 2.3.2, update went as expected but I’m still getting the same error when booting up.

Help, I’m stuck!

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Fixed via support chat. Had to download a special credential wipe file and apply via laptop to get me back in. Guess I’m only the 4th person this has happened to!


hi this has happened to me too and its taken over 5 days to get someone to send me the credentials wipe file ! but how do you actually use the wipe !! I followed the instructions numark gave me and now I don’t know how to use the code !! grrr im going mad at th complete lack of help , im never buying numark again

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DL the rar to your laptop/desktop, plug in your controller to that laptop/desktop via USB, turn on, put into boot mode, then unzip the rar and open the BAT file, the BAT does its own thing after that!

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they have given me a folder that is for pcs im using Mac

the bat file is just a blank page

Not sure, I’m not a Denon tech person just sayin what worked for me

were you using a pc ?

yes I was using a pc

Can you share the rar file with me?

Can anyone send me that credential wipe file for PC? In quite a bind i have a gig in an hour and i cannot boot my controller

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I need that same file but for denon prime 4 can someone help me please I have an event this weekend