Unable to connect with any authorized service centers in my area - need a simple repair for mcx8000

Hi guys. I’ve got a broken channel fader on channel 3 of my mcx 8000. A little bit of research and the Facebook forum are indicating to me that I shouldn’t fix it myself, as the pcbs and ribbon cables in the center of the controller are delicate and I could ruin my product. Well, after contact attempts to every authorized service center listed online within 2 hours of me, I can’t get anyone to call or email me back.

Not really a huge thing, and I love my controller, would never use anything else. But I’ve got to get this fixed. Is there anyone who can provide a schematic for the controller to help me perform this myself? Or, if the consensus is that I really shouldn’t touch it, can anyone recommend a place I can pop in and have it done in the tri-state area (northeast US)? Willing to drive anywhere in CT, MA, NY, NJ…

Thanks all, have a good one.