Unable to connect to player from engine lightning

I have recently bought a SoundSwitch dongle as well as a subscription to SoundSwitch software. I have set up scripts for some of my tracks in the playlist. Engine DJ software on my PC actually recognizes that there’re scripts present. I’ve exported everything to USB drive via sync manager. From the SC6000M standalone mode to which I’ve connected both my usb and DMX light via SoundSwitch dongle the light itself is working via manual overrides (color, position, etc) but when I’m playing the tracks from the playlist (having USB as a source) for some reason their light scripts are not triggering lights in automatic fashion. From Engine Lightning UI on the top right corner there’s a blinking circle indicating that it tries to connect or find something. From the settings menu it shows that there’s no connection to any of the players on SC6000M. And I don’t know where to look for the solution.

Do you use a Denon X18XX mixer ? It is necessary for soundswitch to work in stand-alone mode.

In fact I do. We use X1850 for that purpose

Im wondering why the connection status is not green. Does it stay like this?

Have you tried stoping the service and start it again?

Yes, indeed it does stay like this for at least 10 minutes of me tried waiting. Yes, I tried rebooting decks too.