Unable to connect Prime 4 to Soundswitch

I wanted to connect Prime 4 and Soundswitch (on notebook) via ethernet cable in the appropriate LINK port on the back of the console. I scrupulously followed the instructions on the Soundswitch youtube channel, but the connection does not happen.

  • I also turned off the wifi on the notebook
  • I also turned off the wifi on the Prime 4.
  • Connection settings in Soundswitch are for Engine DJ (top left).

The connection does not take place because the lights do not turn on (obviously) but also because in performance mode the writing at the top left “ENGINE DJ” does not light up.

The strange fact is that if in Prime 4 I enable “Ableton Link” and in Soundswitch I click on the “LINK” icon at the top left, I get the connection, that is, I see the BPM update and the four dots move. Therefore it appears that the ethernet cable is working.