Two Way Sync with Serato DJ

Is it possible to use Engine DJ to synchronize a Serato DJ library and manager adding files?

I know EDJ can import a Serato library but I’m looking to manage it from a central PC and it resides on the Macbook I use to DJ.

So far, I’ve been using Alchimie Zine for 12yrs to achieve this but it has to ran from the Macbook itself. I do all the track processing on my Windows PC now. So it doesn’t make sense to do this anymore.

I’m looking to to centralize my track management and looking for a tool to accomplish this. Nothing I’ve found so far can do this properly.

I’m looking to try Engine DJ if it can do this.

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To answer your question…no. It’s one way.

I still do my music management in serato and port things over to Engine DJ.

You may want to consider them third party solutions that are dedicated toward conversions and library management.

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Shoot, I was afraid it was only one-way. I’ve checked out a few 3rd party apps already and they’re all letting me down is some form or fashion.

I’ll keep trying to troubleshoot the current one I’m testing and keep my eye on Engine DJ development.

I do the same as Mufasa, use Serato as a baseline for managing the music then port it over to Engine

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Yeah I’m interested in the whole two-way sync and mobile app management. Then I could build sets on the move.


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Same here for me regarding Serato DJ as a main manager and that feeds the Engine DJ library.

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