Two Prime 2, two i go for third Device


im Damir. Im from Germany. I bought my first Prime 2 in Köln, Music Store. After 45 minutes of play the device freezes, only after 2 hours I was able to restart with the error: The following peripherlas did not come online during boot (00.58) I have sent the device back to the seller.

With the second Prime 2 that i bought in München (Just Music), the wave bar in Deck 2 is to slow and stutters when operating the Jogwheel.

What can I say … the devices are really good, they are a lot of fun and I can use them very intuitively. But the quality apparently suffers … the software often makes mistakes, I have at least 2-3 errors per day when I work with the prime software. That makes me a little sad.

Nevertheless, I will get a third device and try it again, and if it doesn’t get better, hmmm, I really don’t want to switch to pioneer, but I have almost no other choice, frustrated.

Greetings Damir

The peripheral thing can be just a loose cable.

The stuttering waveform can be either platter packing Film being left On or calibration.

I think you were just unlucky

Go for another one for sure.


what you mean with “platter packing film”? …is it maybe the data transmission system behind the jogwheel?

and can i recalibrate the wheel?

Those are the plastic clinging-film circles which might be on the platters during shipping - like screen protectors

The calibration on prime happens when you switch the prime on. It’s important that the platter has nothing resting on it (fingers, headphones, usb drives etc) during power up - as that’s when the platter calibrates. If the go has the calibrating platters

ah okay, this protectors are not on, and i have not rotating or resting something on it during boot.


If it’s one platter only misbehaving then it’s a faulty platter most likely.

If it’s both platters then it could be plugged in somewhere with bad grounding

How did you format your internal drive ?

It must be ExFat Fat32 is slower and may bug

its only one side faulty, (right side)

Internal Drive is Fat32, then I go to Exfat from now on. I will let you know if anything changes

EDIT: Drive is now ExFat, but same problem, no improvement