Two issues with my X1800

My X1800 mixer is not readying or displaying correct information. It will not hold my settings, and the Engine settings will not work for deck 2. Take a look at my YouTube video and see if you have any ideas thanks!

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Answer 1.

You seem to expect this as channel layout ch1-2-3-4 : 1A-2B-1B-2A

I would like to know how the ethernet cables are connected to the mixer. Furthermore, when Engine Connect is enabled, the mixer has no say in what colors the CUE’s should be. The SC’s dictate what layout Engine Connect will have, so show us the settings of both SC’s preferences before and after loading a profile. The color setting in Utility is for non-Engine devices.

Answer 2.

This has everything to do with the right-hand SC and relates to SC connections+settings of answer 1. The ch4 fader is probably the RED layer B which has 120bpm if no track is loaded. If you open ch2 fader the mixer will show the bpm of right-hand SC layer A (blue), [but audio shall come from ch4 of course…].


Thank you for your help. But let me be clear. I am not new to this system, and my connections have been the same for over a year. I am a mobile DJ and i connect and disconnect this rig a hundred times a month and i have my cables labeled so that its easy and quick to get up and running. I know when something is wrong, when things are out on sync. Deck 1 lan is plugged in lan 1 on my mixer, and deck 2 lan is plugged in the lan 2 slot on my mixer. And if you don’t change the assignment the mixer will auto assign your decks to the standard layout. Deck 1 layer A channel 1, Layer B channel 3. Deck 2 Layer A channel 2 and layer B channel 4. That is what my mixer has done it, until then engine function on the mixer is engaged. When you turn on the engine function it reassigns deck 2 layer A & B in reverse order on the mixer and on deck 2. If you hold the Engine Button down for a second the decks will open to show you deck assignments. Engine has switched them Layer A has been assigned to channel 2 instead of channel 4 and B to channel 2, and when i go in manually to switch them back the way i have always used them Engine will switch it back on its own. It will not allow me to correct this. I have manually changed it , switched decks, changed cables, I have purchased a new SC5000 and still Engine will not nor will the mixer save any of my settings. And although my RCA cables for deck 2 layer A & B send audio to the correct location engine will continue to switch the colors of the cue information as well as the color on the deck. This is not normal and as someone who has been using this rig damn near everyday for over a year i know what I’m talking about. So i have a new X1800 being delivered today to run them side by side same wiring set up same SC5000’s and then we will see what the hell is going on.

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I don’t get the somewhat hostile tone, but if you seem to know everything and do nothing wrong, then fine.

The settings of the right-hand SC is the problem. Not the mixer.

Anyway, good luck and success.

For other interested readers: Don’t use eth1+2 if you’re only connecting 2 SC’s. Preferably use eth1+3 or eth1+4 to avoid problems.

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I don’t know for sure, but I think what you were sensing @reese was @ Tshradio’s frustration (at the situation not you). The original post contained a super detailed video to accompany the question, and your first answer was an excellent one - though imagine you were frustrated, then filmed it, and then received a reply that unintentionally assumed that OP was making rookie mistakes.

Anyway, we’re all on the same side (or something) here. I hope there are a lot more detailed posts and answers like this thread has - BUT I don’t want to see the Denon DJ forum turn into the passive aggressive/toxic cesspool of uselessness that is the Pi0neer DJ forum. I don’t care if people are friends or not, just that everyone tries to remember none of this is ‘personal’.


I understand the frustration, but after asking us to take the time to watch an 8 minutes video with, to me, some obvious mistakes and assumptions on how it should work; even if it worked for a year with 100 gigs in a month… I expected an other reply. My mistake.


Hay look guys don’t worry about it. My question was really for tech support from Denon. Don’t be so sensitive.

Mind is blown.


Personally, I like when people make videos like @Tshradio. If Denon DJ is smart, they like user posted videos too showing how real users really use their products (and not just Laidback Luke or choreographed routine videos). The only thing happening atm that blows my mind is the ‘exciting’ announcement by Pioneer DJ of “the premium, limited-edition carbon fibre HDJ-X10 C” limited edition headphones. SERIOUSLY?! HA!!


+1 on videos by regular joes…

Tired of seeing LLs and ELs videos doing crazy stuff that won’t fly at a wedding when the guests are smashed.


Mate, I’m marking this as “comment of the day”.

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@Tshradio OMG, please lower your trims :blush: :smiley:

Just for the record a new X1800 came today and i plugged them up side by side, and with the exact same 2 SC5000’s connect the same way i got different results from the two mixers. My old mixer is toast and will not correct itself. The new mixer works the way i have always expected it to. I have also notices some changes to the mixer. My original mixers logo at the top was painted on in white and the knobs where all loose moving. The new X1800 mixer has a Thick chrome plated logo, and all the knobs are stiff. what’s that all about Denon?

Although for the record I’ve used 1 & 2 on mine for over 25 gigs now and had zero problems. Just noting! : )

Inmusic doesn’t usually build stuff until they need to. It’s how they run their whole company (which I know on some level makes financial sense, but can be frustrating sometimes because they don’t have stock on a lot of products (AKAI for instance) and then it takes them a while to ramp things back up and start production again) across all of their lines. When you start and stop and then start again building stuff, things change. I think that’s why we are seeing so many inconsistencies across the Prime series.

Is has to do with the default channel for layer A. I also use eth1+2, because I want the A1-A2-B1-B2 scheme on my mixer, but OP wants the 2nd A on channel4 and the 2nd B on channel2. Better/safer would be than to use eth1+4; if something fails with Engine Connect or you switch it off, only the B’s could fail or could swap places.

The other misunderstanding is that the SC’s dictate/overrule color and place, not the mixer. When holding Engine Connect on the mixer, the screens on the SC’s is the place to change settings.

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Gotcha Reese!! On the same page now!

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It seems that I have exactly these same problems as the original poster. They all appeared three days ago - the mixer was fine until then. I have read this thread but didn’t really find how this problem was solved?

My ethernet cables are connected such that my layout is b1-a1-a2-b2 (player 1 connected to port 2, and player 2 connected to port 3). The problems are:

  1. CUE colour for channel 3 not matching the one on sc5000 (a2) when Engine Connect is Enabled (I posted this problem on this forum, but then found this topic and more problems!). I have a particular colour scheme set in both SC’s preferences, and these preferences load correctly for channels 1,2,4, but not for channel 3. This is independent of LAN cables (I tested different cables), and is also independent of players themselves (I swapped the players, but the problem remained the same, indicating that is not my right player that is the problem)

  2. the mixer not reading the master BPM coming from channel 3 (a2) (but reading bpm from all other channels if they are master), and showing 120 bpm no matter what the actual bpm is. Having read Reese’s response to the OP, I want to stress that this happens when the fader is open - I can hear the music from channel 3 in the speakers, and the mixer shows 120bpm while a completely different bpm is on the player.

in addition, I also have another problem that I discovered while troubleshooting the first two…

  1. As I said, my channel/layer layout is this: b1-a1-a2-b2 (player 1 connected to port 2, and player 2 connected to port 3) during the troubleshooting process, I changed the layout to this: a1-b1-b2-a2 (player 1 connected to port 1, and player 2 connected to port 4)

After I did this, the colour scheme for my CUE buttons changed accordingly (apart from Channel 3 CUE button that is broken, as discussed in point 1). However, the sound now goes to wrong channels, as if they were still in the b1-a1-a2-b2 layout. Which means that while the CUE colour settings are correct for this layout, the actual channel settings are not. In fact, whichever port I connect either player to, the sound goes to channels in the b1-a1-a2-b2 layout.

I am happy to post videos and would be really grateful for help. the mixer has now become not very usable. The shop I bought it from says they won’t replace it, but send it for a repair instead, which should take on average 5 weeks. I don’t want to be without a mixer for 5 weeks…


Im sorry to say i got no help here, i was just told over and over again that i was doing something wrong. I simple replaced both the deck and the mixer with new ones and no more problems. Everything is back to normal the way it worked when i first got the units.

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@Thsradio - that’s bad! did you get it replaced using Denon warranty or did you just bin the old mixer and got a new one? I just bought mine one month ago, and for me djing is a living-room hobby :slight_smile: so I can’t really afford buying another mixer! Was the Denon support helpful? (I mean not here, but when you enquired at the vendor/manufacturer)

The fact that what I see is exactly what you saw makes me believe that it is a ‘defined’ issue, and the the problem I see might all stem from the same original fault.