Turntable Braking Effect?

Not sure if I’m missing it somewhere but I have looked all over many times for off/on and Stop Time/Braking Speed for when you stop/pause a track to get that turntable vinyl braking sound. Currently mine just stops on a dime with no effect. In Serato DJ Pro settings under “DJ Preference” + “BRAKING” they have a virtual knobs for Start & Stop Times.

Swipe down (firmware 1.32) or press the little arrow at the bottom of the screen (firmware 1.31 or earlier) and Stop time is there. Use this slider to adjust the stop time, or how long the track takes to stop playing after the pause button is pressed.

For adjustable start time you could create a feature request.

And read the operation manual :wink: (not to be rude, but it learns you a lot)


lol that’s a silly place for it, right next to “Record”, it sooo looks like a Stop for recording.

Yeah but the manual has not been updated to show the new placement of the drop down menue V1.3.2

Thanks for your help!


I agree… I’m glad I found this bc I was wondering the same thing… Thanks