Turn Off FX when loading new track

Hi Folks,

Newbie here - I’ve picked up a Denon Prime 2 and giving it a try after nothing but hassle with another well known brand…:roll_eyes:

First impressions are great! It’s a really fantastic piece of kit. :grin:

Sorry if this has been covered already but I did search on here for a while with no luck.

I use Echo a fair bit as an echo out. I’m finding I keep leaving the FX on by accident and when loading a new track it stays on. Then I only notice when mixing in the new song, which sounds awful. It’s infuriating!

Is there a way / setting to turn OFF the FX section when you load a new track? I tried ticking ‘reset fx when loading new track’ but that doesn’t actually switch it off.

Secondly I’m finding the gains are all over the place - even when matching tracks up with the VU meters, songs are still playing out at different volumes. Am I missing something here?

Cheers Ben

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Can’t help on the levels part as I’ve found it to be pretty consistent on mine.

I’ve been DJing nearly 24yrs and still do that effects mistake loads, it’s the joys of ‘post fader’ FX. I sort of agree with the suggestion you make and it would be handy to have it as an option.

Im guessing if you have come from software you’re used to hearing it in the headphones as it’s done before it reaches the device.

Yeah - I guess it’s just a force of habit / me becoming lazy. I’ve been using a variety of standalone and software stuff for 15 years now. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but if it wasn’t too much trouble, having the option to switch the fx off with each fresh track load would be great.

The gains is just another thing to get used to. I don’t think it’s wrong, it’s just different. I’m finding there’s definitely a big difference in volumes between tracks and genres compared to rekordbox analysed files. It’s ok it’s just remembering to take a bit more notice of your levels. Again, me becoming lazy I’m sure.

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They are definitely all different, I usually have my channel LEDs running about 3 from the top and I find it gives a good scope to get it accurate. Usually I’ll get it so it’s just leaking into the 3rd light then back off slightly so it’s leaving 3 unlit. Not sure if this helps.

Thanks Stu.

I’m sure I’ll find the sweet spot eventually it’s just a bit of a faff after being so used to other gear for so long.

How would I go about getting the FX OFF upon loading added as a new feature at some point?

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I think there may be an existing feature request you can vote on, if you use the forum search to find it.

Failing that create a new feature request by following the pinned post in that part of the forum. But I’m 99% certain there is one existing.

I guess another thing would be getting used to the little fx panel on screen as it highlights when the effect is still active, not something I’ve gotten used to myself yet but definitely need to.

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Thanks Stu,

I searched and searched but couldn’t find anything similar as a request. So I’ve written my own and hopefully will be approved.

Please be sure to vote! :muscle:t3:


This is an option in Serato and would be nice to have in Engine as well!

Maybe a link to your request would be helpful here btw. : ) Thanks!

It’s been a while since I had the Prime 2, but I’ve definitely mixed in tracks with effects without realizing way into the transition.

I recall thinking that if the effects button was simply flashing when enabled (rather than switching to another static color), it would always be visually obvious whether or not the effects were on.

Fully agree with this Kris, although it’s done absolutely nothing to stop it happening to me on DJM mixers after a few shandy’s over the years :joy::joy:, mainly at gigs.

Haha, fortunately it’s been enough for me on the DJM’s to avoid it in a live situation :blush:

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I just see it as adding some ‘personality’ to the mix lol… to be fair how many videos do you see on the tube where loads of weapons in the comments are accusing the DJ of faking it. im at the point now where I feel like messing up some mixes just to appease them clowns Kris :slight_smile:

Your flashing light idea is good though, should be easy in firmware too as its only a command isnt it.

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