Trying to keep it all nice & tidy unlike dads shed

Hi newbie here Ive had my sc6000s & x1850 for a year now Ive put a hd in & have a couple of external hd, i need help with having it all nice & tidy its ok but its a bit like my fathers shed looking for a hammer you know its in there somewhere but… lol is there a way of having it all nice & clean tidy sorry for sounding like a complete novice but that’s what i am

love the decks omg yesssssss

Do you run the tracks through Engine DJ and then export from there to the HDD, or do you just add the files directly to the drive?

i add from the hd nav to the track on the hd then load it on, should i go through the engine DJ would that make it easier

Yes, having your tracks through the Engine desktop app and then export to your SC6000’s HDD from there would definitely keep things more organized :blush: