Trouble with vinyl mode sc live 2

I had an issue with a brand new sc live 2 I play a track on the left deck, and when i spin the jog on the right deck while on vinyl mode the playing track starts to glitch I’ve returned the unit to the dealer and they gave me a new one But…same thing for the new one :disappointed:

Here is the problem you can try it and see, i dont know if it’s a hardware or software issue:

Load a track on the left deck, press play Load another track on the right deck but dont press play, press both decks vinyl buttons and spin the right jog ( from the top of the platter) while the right slid fader down, you will start to experience an audio glitch on the left deck

It happened on both new sc live 2 controllers

If i turn off the vinyl buttons the track plays smoothly no problems

But turning off the vinyl mode is a temporary solution because i do want this option while i play tracks

I hope denon will address this issue on the next update

Until then…any thoughts?

I run the last update, but also downgrading didnt help

This controller has so many issues to fix

I also experience some static electricity when i touch both jogs but thats a different thread

The audio glitch and static electricity are likely related. Do you have the unit properly earthed with a good surge protected extension lead etc? and is everything else in your setup properly grounded?

I had an earth issue on my Prime 2 that caused the left deck to stop responding properly, it had to go back for a replacement part.

They use ‘capacitive touch’ jog wheels so any kind of static is going to be an issue.

I didn’t plug the whole setup, just the controller at home I’ll try to change the electricity extension cable that runs from the socket to the controller tomorrow

But its not an electricity issue, i think the vinyl buttons interfere with the jogs, in fact its a sure thing that the problem is the vinyl buttons

As STU-C mentioned, the problem you’re experiencing is probably linked to poor earthing, which is interfering with vinyl mode and the proper operation of the SC Live 2. And if you’ve tried two examples in the same conditions of poor earthing, it’s not surprising that you should get the same results.

Try your SC Live 2 in another location, on another electrical installation to see if you have the same problem.


Hummm… Im using it only at home for now, so all the electricity sockets are the same, but i will try different extension cables to see if the issue is grounding Thanks :blush:

It might even be something silly like the type of footwear or shirt you’re wearing. Im no expert on the topic but it might be worth researching how static us generated on the human body then seeing if something you’re doing yourself is causing it?

As an example, a long time ago when i still worked in the Warehouse, i know that driving a forklift with nylon wheels then getting off and touching one of the metal trolleys resulted in an electric shock.

I’ve been a dj for 20 years bro I’ve never encountered this problem with a controller :confused:

But i will look into it

Meanwhile I’m working on the sc live 2 with vinyl mode off, i only turn it on when I’m doing a spin back transaction and then i turn them off again, i hope this issue gets solved in the next update

It might be a case of having to send the unit in for repair then. I had to have mine repaired to fix the platter issue.

Sending it back is not an option now unfortunately

The store i bought the unit from is located in north of Israel and there is a war going on there.

They already gave me a new one two days ago since i brought back the first unit i bought on 4/10, it had the same audio glitch issue, i talked to them for a whole month, and back and forth with denon support, and forums on the web, no one knew whats the problem, so they swapped my old ( in fact new ) unit for a brand new one that has the same issue :confused:

I will keep it for now but if the controller is going to give me trouble in gigs i will definitely swap it second hand for a pioneer or something like that, its too bad, my first denon experience ever and i had to go through a month of phone calls and emails, i didnt get a chance to enjoy the controller, and now i feel that i cant trust it to work flawlessly in a gig, i already swapped two denon sc live, its a shame it has all those issues because i really enjoyed mixing with it at home

Given its not a widespread global issue affecting all devices, and you’ve just happened to come across 2 units with exactly the same issue, id say you definitely need to be looking at something in your own space that is causing it. If it was an issue with the device that was common enough for you to obtain 2 that are faulty, the internet would be awash with it.

It could point to the electrical issues discussed earlier (which seeing you have an issue with static seem likely) or something in your files or hard drive that is causing it.

To be honest, if you need something to gig with, it’s probably best you move it on and purchase something you have faith in. There won’t be any firmware update provided for an issue you’re personally having with the device as it will never be diagnosed in such a manner (if we assume there are owners of that device beta testing it on a daily basis).

It might also be worth recording some video of the issue then posting it so people can see it happening and diagnose better.