Trouble with Prime 2 Recording Adding to Apple Music

Hi All,

I’m not offering a tip or trick, but hoping someone could give me one…

I just started to record my sessions on my Prime 2 and I am having trouble adding these tracks to Apple Music/Music App.

As others have mentioned, the initial quality of the recording is very quiet. To resolve this issue I process my recordings through Platinum Notes 4.

With other tracks (songs), it has been a simple drag and drop into a playlist or File > Import > choose track > Open and the song is in my Library and Playlist, then downloaded and finally automatically transfers to my iPhone & iPad. What is happening with my recordings is the following

I have tried to Google these error messages that I have mentioned, but I have yet to find a definitive answer.

  • I’ve also had the track appear int the Playlist, then when I go back to the playlist, the track has completely disappeared.

The track will play on my Mac Music when I ‘Open With’ the file from my USB or DropBox, but it that is it.

I have tried MP3 and Apple Lossless MP4 formats and it didn’t make a difference when trying to import into Music and creating new playlists and nothing seems to work.

Thanks in advance!

I forgot to mention and it might be relevant… My tracks are named:

  • 1st Set 03.25.2023_PN.mp3
  • 1st Set 03.25.2023PN.mp3
  • 1st Set 03.25.2023_PN.m4a

Not sure if spaces, or periods would make a difference?

That’s a 2 hour file. …is there a maximum length that apple music will accept?

I was thinking that, but don’t know.